Wednesday, March 4, 2009

June 10, 2006 - Saturday 3:19 PM - Pictures!!!

Ok as you know we went to the movies yesterday and it was so much fun. The movie was so cute but it was 2 hours long, to long for Ethan but they still loved it. I do recommand the movie, it was so funny and cute. We ate before the movie and had pizza and let me tell you it was nastiest pizza ever. The boys were the only ones that actually finished their pizza. Then that nite James, my sister and me were goin to go to Cheddars for dinner and we saw Ashley and David as we parked and so we had dinner with them, pretty crazy huh? Then Courtney Cheatham was our hostess, even more crazy. Well at least I think so. Anyways it was a pretty good day so that all I hav to say!!!!!!!Here are some pics......

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