Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 28, 2006 - Tuesday 11:47 AM - This Band I LOVE!!!!

OK so I am taking a break from cleaning and it is nice to sit down but I still hav so much to do. I am stalling on washing dishes. I hate washing dishes but anyways so my exciting news. Well Angela has this band on her myspace page and I love it and she would tell me to download the album all the time. So finally last nite I told her to find it so we could listen to them before I buy it. I asked her where she found these guys and she said they were a theme song for a show then she heard them on MTV. So we were listening to them and then I heard them say something about God and we listen more and they are totally worshiping God and it was awesome! So I bought the CD. I have been listening to them all day long. You should check them out. They are called The Afters! Anyways I really should get back to cleaning and also if you aren't doing anything tonite you should call me because I need three people to come with me to my Mary Kay meeting and if I do get three people I win a prize. So call me PLEASE!!!!!

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