Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 24, 2006 - Friday 11:00 AM - Sad? NO! Happy I guess?

OK today is Friday and I am not excited about that weird Huh? Not that something bad happened but just not to excited but not sad either. So today I should clean up am I nope I have other things I got to get down. So I have enjoyed my hubby been home now and I think that makes he happy and now that i think about it I am getting happy a whole weekend with the love of my life. I wonder what will do. Probably stay home and watch movies all weekend. Thats sounds romantic to me.

So I wanted James to take me to go see Phantom of the Opera but things are kinda tight with time and money. But my sister went last nite and she said it was so good. I want to do the Dallas summer musicals. I want to at least see Le mes, so does James. But will see how that goes.

Anyways we have a leader Shabbat tonite and I am excited about that I wondering if we everybody is bring kids and if there is going to be kid care or if nobody is bring their kids. I must find out info today. Well I am getting hungry so BYE!!!

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