Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 16, 2006 - Thursday 11:42 AM - I miss my Dad!

OK so I have been pretty busy lately and I made sure I was busy because of March 17, but this is the first day in awhile where I feel like to nothing it just hit me today. I have been doing so well lately probably because I have been busy. I just want to ask for pray that this weekend goes well for me and my family. Like my sister said it is going to be harder for my older siblings for they don't know God like I would love them to. I do pray that God is with them and that they feel him there with them. This is truly getting hard for me and I don't want to call my sister while I am like this I always try to be strong for my family. So thanks for letting me vent I think I am OK now. I Love being able to vent like this. Well got to go paint, yeah!


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