Wednesday, March 4, 2009

April 3, 2006 - Monday 4:21 PM - Packin sucks!!!!!!

OK so I have totally been packing all day long and I am exhausted!!! I am so tried I kinda don't want to go to my life group tonite. I still have a whole bunch of stuff to do that I didn't achieve today like going to walmart and getting a huge list of stuff. What kinda sucks is I can't do it tomorrow Gabriel school has a field trip to the Fort Worth ZOO!!!! I am excited but it came on a very busy week hopefully we will be moved in by Sunday. Oh I do have some help Lindsey and Brittany are my servants Thursday HA HA HA!!! I will have fun with that!!! Anyways I will take lots of pictures tomorrow and post them tomorrow nite!!! I think I will go to my life group so LOVE YA BYE!!!!

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