Wednesday, March 4, 2009

February 7, 2006 - Tuesday 2:41 PM - I am so emotional right now!

OMG!! Why does my husband have to be so mean? I don't understand him. He told me to tell my mom about sky ranch and so I did and then he makes fun of me and tells me that I am dramatic and emotional. I know I am emotional but come on give me a break. I am so upset I haven't told him but lately I have been upset about my Dad not being here. Somethings just remind me how much I miss him. I miss watching TV with him and just being able to talk to him because no matter what I said he was interested and just listen. I also miss how he would just love on me. I miss his hugs and the way he just wanted to spend time with us. He loved the boys so much. He would want to play with them all the time and he would always ask if he could watch them. I miss him so much. But I got to think of the good because he laid his life done just so he could provide for us. That is an awesome Dad and now he gets to receive form God! And that alone should make me happy. So I am going to think only on the good! He use to want to take us out to eat like every Friday of course we would go free dinner and with my family now that is fun for me. I feel much better voicing my pain and crying a little bit. so talk to ya later!


My Dad
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