Friday, February 29, 2008

Can I just say.....

That I am so tired. I am just plain exhausted. I think I am just warn out with Emma fussing at night then gettin up early. Then cleaning my house and doing school work with the boys. I feel like I am always doing something and never get a chance to chill. So I told my hubby that tomorrow he is going to make me breakfast in bed like that will happen and that I am not doing anything but taking care of Emma. I just want to chill and watch movies maybe go out to eat too. Well just pray that I will be refreshed in strength like right now!!! Shabbat Shalom!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

God amazes ME!!!

Well I totally forgot to write a blog yesterday and now I have to write more. I so don't feel like typing. Well lets see oh yeah I went shopping yesterday with Alecia and Joy Reddish. We went scrapbook shopping at Hobby Lobby and man let me tell you they have so much stuff there I was overwhelemed. I got some cute stuff on sale but didn't find the paper that I wanted.

Well I was walking around and find the Painting aisle. If you don't know I absoulutly love acrylic painting have done it since I was in the third grade. Its just when I became a mommy I never had time. Well over the past year God has been speaking to me to pick it up again. Well when I moved here from nw18th st I left some stuff there and well it got thrown away. It was my painting supplies and I have had some of that stuff since I was in third grade. Some other stuff got thrown away like "Love Letters" from my hubby when we were dating. I have had a hard time with those things oh well just materials. Well thats another reason I havn't painted in a while. So I knew I am just going to have to buy a little at a time to build it back up. So I started by buying a painting tablet. Well my wonderful friend Joy bought me paint brushes and paint. I was so excited you have no idea. It blessed me so much. I have even started a painting already. I only have four colors of acrylic but I have two of the basic colors I just need red and white and I am good for now. I am so excited where God is taking me in painting.

Well Joy, Thomas, Me and the kids walked about a little over a mile yesterday. It felt good to excercise.

1829 was so good too. I just felt so much of his love last nite. He just amazes me on how much he loves us. I am also so excited about Mexico Mission Trip.

Well today I got satelite and let me tell you that the boys were so overwhelemed with all the cartoons. It was so cute!!! I watched movies all day and sat on my bed and folded laundry. I am almost caught up on laundry. I got so much laundry done I am proud of myself, now the house on the other hand is a mess but I will do it tomorrow.

Shabbat is tomorrow and I am so ready to chill with my hubby. Well I am tired so good nite and God bless!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Productive Day!!!

Well last night went so well with Emma she went to sleep at 1045 then woke up at 430am. Which is ok because before tonite she was wake up every hour then staying awake for an hour.

Today was so productive for me. I went grocery shopping and that went well with my kids. I told the boys to get dressed and put on their shoes. Well Ethan hates shoes he rather wear flip flops so he put those on. I told him it was to cold and then he whined and went to his room. He then comes out of his room wearing sandels and tells me that they cover more of his feet then the flip flops. So I agreed and let him wasn't worth fighting over. So I took a picture of how greeky he looked wearing a jacket and pants then sandels it made me laugh!!

Then we cleaned the house. Well Ethan made this agreement with me if I help him clean his room he would help me clean the house. So I agreed and help them clean their room then they helped me clean the house. Well while cleaning my room Emma decided to get into a ball of yarn and looked so cute.

So Gabriel wanted fajitas for dinner so I was going to buy the precooked package. Well there wasn't anything in it and it was $5.99 for like half a pound so we decided to go to the mexican place to get it cheaper and more. Dinner was so good the fajitas meat was so tender!!!

Oh pray for Emma she has diarrhea and she got a diaper rash from it. So I hope she sleeps thru the night. Well I better go to bed, Good Nite and God Bless!!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I have so much fun hanging out with people!!!

Well Saturday we had Challah French Toast and it was so good. We stayed until noon I think then we home and took a nap. James had to work for a little bit so we sleep then we got ready because my mother in law texted me saying that she wants to keep all three kids so I get them all ready. Since we had no kids James wanted to go out to eat. Well we already had dinner plans with Sarah then we invited Elisabeth. When we went to pick up Elisabeth my sister called and wanted to go too. So there were four girls and then James. But we had so much fun. We went to Carrabba's my favorite place. Then we went home to watch Liscense to Wed which was funny. Then my brother Benjamin came in town and stayed with us so we hung out with them too. Sarah and Elisabeth left at midnight then we hung out with Ben and Sandie til 2am.

We were so tired this morning but we woke up and got to church early which was awesome. We are never on time. Church was so good the worship was so old school I loved it. We had to leave early because I had to get ready for the Wedding Shower.

Jennifer's Wedding Shower was yesterday. It was a good turn out and it was FUN!!! We had some good finger food like fondue chocolate for the fruit and pound cake. But I will say one thing I am so tired. Leah and Courtney Fuller stayed the evening and we hung out and talked. They are so much fun to hang out with!!

So last nite I stopped cold turkey nursing Emma and she woke up off and on all nite until 3am. Around 4am James woke me up because I fell asleep in her room and he aske me to come back to bed with him. He had a bad dream and asked me to pray for him thenn we talked til 515am. Then he woke me up around 7am because he couldn't find his other boot. Well he woke up the kids searching for it and so I was up til like 9am finally got to take a nap. Then Gabriel woke up Emma 30mins later I got her back to sleep then took another nap. I am still tired and didn't get anything done except for the boys school work.

Well I have exciting news for me. If you know us we don't have cable. Well I have asked for it for over a year. This Direct Tv guy came to the door today and offered us a deal we couldn't refuse. So I get satellite on thursday morning. I am soo excited!!! Well going to watch a movie with my family Good Nite and God Bless!!!

Here are pics from the shower....

The End

Friday, February 22, 2008

Birthday Shabbat!!

So today went by so fast but it was a very good day. Alecia and the kids came over at 11am to do some scrapbooking, I got one page done. The kids had so much fun and so did I.

I cooked pot roast for Shabbat, it was so good. We had a birthday shabbat for Rik Hedlund so I order a cake. It was a hockey cake and it was so cute. I had so much fun tonite. But I am so tried and then we get to have more fun tomorrow and get to go eat breakfast with Dunns, hmmmm Challah french toast!!!! Well here are pics from tonite...

The boys playin video games

Emma sick but my mom put her hair in a pony tail

Emma playin with Ashten

He likes Hockey so its a hockey birthday cake :)

Cake and Birthday boy

Make a wish

My mom and Ashten asleep

Wonderful girls!! Piper and Sarah

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I was going to have a good nite sleep but then...

Well I went to bed early and then Emma Woke up crying. I am not sure why but she has been doing it more and more each night. I am really worried. She did have a fever earlier but I gave her children's advil and she seem fine at bed time. Now she is crawling around her room and playin with toys. Every once and awhile she will cry then want me to hold her. Then she will just hold me until she gets bored then goes and plays with her toys. The boys are playing in her room and she so wants to be part of the spaceship war. So she yells at them an it is so funny.

James parents came by tonite and brought the boys this pizza shaped like mickey mouse. Gabriel was so excited! While they were here they asked what houses were for sale around here. They want tobe close to their grandbabies. I hope they find something real close. I think it would be so cool if everybody live around me. If the whole neighborhood was people we know. I think it would be cool.

Well I think I am going to catch up on tv shows so Good Nite and God Bless!!!

1829 last nite.....

Was good atleast for me. We got there at 645 which is awesome we are always late. We also got to make it to the leaders meeting so that is always a good thing. Then church started I got to see Cheslie and she just makes me happy. She is sooo funny! I also got to see Toni and I was so glad to see her back. There were alot of youth there, I wonder how many. Well Austin lead worship and it was good. I had to miss half of it because I was puttin Emma in the nursery. I have to sit with her then sneak out. Well she had to stay in there no matter what because I was doing the Popcorn at the Concession stand after the service. But then Leah came to me and told me that she was not happy and screaming so James had to go get her. Well on of that the first batch of popcorn that I made I burnt it.

Well then I forgot about the mexico meeting after the service and Josh said I needed to be there. So I went and let me tell you I am soo excited about it. I miss those people and I love going down there and loving on them. They are awesome people they are family to me. I am takin Emma one thing is that she couldn't go a whole week without me and when I called them they said I better bring the new addition, which is Emma. Anyways I am so excited about seeing my mexico family. God is going to do awesome things for them. Just a little testimony of one of the trips we went on in May of 2006. Well the leadership was praying over us before we left and one of their elders prophesized over James & Me that we would get a house. Well we got back a there was a house for us we closed on it July 2006. It wasn't even two months and it came true. Another testimony was that James prophesized over one of the leaders that he would get a house but not just a house a big house. Annie our contact message me saying one week ago this man got a house and a big one so he can't wait to see what God has for him this year. They have such an expectation when we come they just know God is going to speak to them thru us. Its very humbling for me they go to church knowing that weGod is going to speak to them thru us. It has humble me so many times. I am truly blessed to see these people blessed by God. I so can't wait to go!!!

Well I went back to concessions and did popcorn again and burnt it a second time but Elisabeth showed me how to do it and I didn't burn it again. That popcorn machine is so cool I want one its so classic. Well Emma has a stinky diaper so got to go change her. God Bless your day!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My day just went by to fast!!!

Man did my day go by so fast. I woke up early to clean and get ready for Scrap Space. Before I knew it was 330pm. Well Joy, Sarah, Jennifer and Marian came to Scrap Space and we didn't scrapbooked at all. I think Joy did a little but we mainly sat around and talked. I really need to do some pages because I have so many pictures. Well it was nice just to talk to adults. It was just so much Fun sitting around and talking to friends. I love hanging out with people especially when they are your friends. I am really happy we do this twice a month. Alecia didn't get to come because she was watching Chandler Sistrunk and he had a little pink eye. She was definitely missed.

One thing I realized was that when Emma gets older she will have so many friends. This is definitely a good time to have kids. I thought about it I do want one more kid but not sure when I want to start trying. I really want a sister for Emma but if she gets another brother then thats ok. I am just going to have to try real hard to teach her to be a lady. She already is so rough with other kids. Well I guess I will just have to discipline her more.

So I told myself that I need to take more pictures of life and not so many of just Emma but I always forget. Like I meant to do it today of Scrap Space but forgot. I wanted to have some pics of the friends that I have. I guess next time I will try to remember again.

Emma has cut in her top two teeth and she has very much showed it in her fussiness this week. She has woren me out with the holding constantly or the crying to be held. Even right now she is screaming at me to pick her up. Its not a crying just screaming and to me its kinda of funny. Ok now she is happy she has her bottle.

Well tonite is 1829 and I have a headache and I just want a nap. Well God Bless your nite!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a relaxed evening!

So I am sitting here while James reads a book. We have the boys cousins Joel and Daniel over and my kids are in heaven. They have someone to play with. Emma likes to follow them and they love to hold Emma. So my kids are busy in their rooms. So what am I doing I am writting a blog instead of doing laundry.

Well I want to watch a movie but he is reading a book. So maybe I'll put in Becoming Jane or something like that. Well Good Nite and God Bless!!!!

I am so happy!!!!

Well I found out today that Jason Kidd is a Maverick now. He is my favorite player and now he is on my favorite team!!! :) I am not a big sports fan but I have been a Maverick fan since I was little. My dad loved him too. I remember watching games all the time. So for him to be back on the Mavericks is sooo cool. I think I will actually make an effort to watch them now. I hope he takes us to win the Championship but I am not getting my hopes up. This is very exciting to me.

Well I got two things done on my list and now I have two more things. They are not small ones either its laundry and dishes. :(

Emma has had this stuffy nose since Sky Ranch and its getting worse. I can hear it in her cough now. On top of that she is teething and is not happy. She is getting in her top ones I can see them but not sure how long it will take for them to come in. Well got to put Emma down for a nap. God Bless!!! :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

My weekend and Today was a cleaning day!!!

So my weekend was so wonderful. First lets start with friday night we went to Jennifer Durham's wedding. It was beautiful, she was so beautiful, and it was just special to be there and part of that. I had alot of fun hanging out with people and eating Jerry's brisket. The cakes were so good plus chocolate covered strawberries.

I was also kid free and so were the Pratt's so we decided that we couldn't just go home we had to do something afterwards so we went to studio movie grill. We saw Over her Dead Body and it was seriously funny. I glad I got to see that movie I laughed so much.

After the movie I had to go get Emma because I forgot to pack more diapers so that sucked. I packed enough clothes but no diapers I was so mad at myself. But when we picked her up I was glad we did. She was such a sweet girl. I love her so much!!!

So our saturday was so awesome too. We watched movies all day. I got James Seven Brides for Seven brothers thats his favorite movie and I got Unsinkable Molly Brown and then we topped it off wth West side story. It was a musical day for us. I love my hubby. He watches musicals with me most of them atleast but what hubby would do that.

We were going to take the kids to a movie that night but we were to late on the decision. We were going to go see Pirates that don't do anything. But it was only showin at three theater in dallas and the closest one was GP 16 and we missed the showtime. But we still had fun sith them we watched a Veggie Tale movie and hang out with them.

Sunday I was so tried Emma has been fussy every night when we go to bed but I am used to it now but satruday nite she was waking up alot plus we went to bed at 1am and then I had to wake up at 8am. So I was exhausted at church but it was so good and I am so glad we went. Emma did good in the nursery too. Well atleast for alittle while. Then we went hoem adn chilled then for dinner we went to the fuller's and watch the American Gladiator Finals. It was fun to watch. I have FUN at the Fuller's everytime and so do the kids. Plus the food we eat there is so good. The Fuller's know how to cook.

Well I just like to say last that I haven't been able to clean for like four days and it pilled up and I get overwhelemed and then just don't do. So I decided I was going to do it today. I did do I deep cleaned house, organized my bathroom, closet and my room most of all!!! Well my friend Joy Reddish does surveys and got a roomba so she brought it over to help me clean my floors and help me dust. And let me tell you that IT WORKS!!!! I am so buying one whenever I save up the money. I love it I was dusting my house while it was cleaning my floors. Every house wife should get one they are sooo amazing!!! Seriously guys I am in love with it. It did my room under my bed. It cleaned my living room floor including my area rug. I didn't have to do anything. Joy had to empty it out and charge it but it was so wonderful not having to sweep and vaccum my floors. Plus I havn't vaccum since before Sky Ranch because my vaccun broke so that was even better. I am so excited about my day I was so productive we even did some scrapbooking today!!!

Well I better go to bed so I can get laundry done tomorrow. Good Nite and God Bless!!!

Its Scrap Space Time!!!

Hosted By: Suzanna Gadberry and Alecia Pratt
When: Wednesday Feb 20, 2008
at 10:00 AM
Where: Gadberry's House
Grand Prairie, TX 75050
United States
Suzanna Gadberry and Alecia Pratt

So Alecia and I started a scrapbooking smallgroup called Scrap Space. We do it twice a month now. We would love for you to come over and do some scrapbooking with us. Children are welcome to come we have tons of room for them to play. If you don't scrapbook then you should just come and hang out with us. Message me if you want to come and I will give you my address. Also if you could bring a snack that would be wonderful, ^Thanks!!! Well See ya later!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day is Special to me!!!

Ok so my day was wonderful first we will start with waking up was so sweet. It was Emma's kisses on my face. Then we cleaned up got ready and went grocery shopping for our Valentine's dinner that I was going to make. Plus I was going to make a little party for the boys since they are homeschooled. I went shopping with all my kids and they did fine the first 15 mins then Ethan started to whine and grip. So I tried to hurry well I forgot my recipe for chicken marsala adn didn't know what all to get so that was fun trying to remember what all to get. But I did good I got everything right.

So I decided to take them to dollar tree to pick something out for v-day and buy some decorations for our little party, so that was fun. Then we headed home because we had not had lunch yet. Ate sandwiches and then put up groceries. Well then my mother told me that danny wants us to go to Babe's Chicken in Burleson with them. They have been tryin to get us to go there forever so we said yes it wasn't like we were going to have such an romatic evening so we went.

James called me before he got home and said he didn't have time to get me anything for v-day and said he was sorry. Well this year I actually got him something it was three dvds that he has been wanting so it was a pretty good gift. Now let me explain that V-day is important to me not becuase its V-day but we went on our first date on V-day in 1999. So its special day for us or atleast me. So when we don't celebrate it in some kind of way it makes me sad. Its just something that was sooo incredibly special. Anyways so he gets home early and comes in the door with a balloon, a box of chocolate candy, a teddy and two bouquets of flowers. I knew one was for my mom he always does that he even got Angela flowers. I was so happy when he walked in the door. He bought me glittery flowers and they look so pretty under lights.

Well then off to Babe's Chicken and my mother was preparing us that it was a long drive and we would probably have to wait long to. But I knew what it meant to them for us to go with them so we went. It took us an hour and 15mins to get there and let me tell you it was such amazing food. Its all you can eat veggies and the fried chicken there is sooooo GOOD!!! I ate so much I am sick but I am so glad we went. It only took us 30 mins to get home we went a different way, no traffic plus we had to stop because Gabriel had to go number 2 real bad it was funny. No worries he made it ok. So now I am wide awake with a super full belly and hoping I sleep well. Well Good nite God Bless!!! Here are pics......

Our Valentine's Party

I just got my gifts

The Drive

Babe's Chicken

The End