Thursday, October 16, 2008

God Gave Me A Desire Of My Heart

So today I got alot of things done that I have needed to get done. I feel pretty accomplished.

So while making lunch for the kids James came home for lunch. He ran in and said he was going to get me something then ran out and took a box. Well when he did fianlly come back he put the box on the table. Ok for our anniversary we went shopping we went to this antique store and I showed him all the things I have always wanted since I was a little girl. Anyways back to the story He pulled out these old figures that our neighbor was trying to sell us when we moved in two years ago. Then he pulled out brass candlestick holders (one of the things James was looking to buy at the antique store). Then the big surprise was he pulled out a box and asked me to open it. It was a real Silver Silverware set. I have been wanting one since I was a little girl. I was so HAPPY!! I even cried alittle, I was filled with so much JOY!!! I was happy my hubby got it for me but most of all I knew it was by God that our neighbor had a garge sale and was selling it. I just felt so loved by my heavenly father. He had given me a desire of my heart. Even now I am so filled JOY!!!

So I looked up online to see how old it was and it was made in 1938. It is the Holmes & Edwards Danish Princess Silverware Set and I can get replacements. I am really excited!!! I'll post a picture when its cleaned.

Now I have two other things that I have always wanted its a Silver Tea Set and a Silver comb, brush and mirror set.

Well I got to go make dinner so Good Nite and God Bless!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Very Nice Nite

So I just wanted to write about my nite. Well I would just like to say that today went by way to fast. Then came time to make dinner. Well I look in the refrigator and find nothing to make. You see I sent my hubby to the grocery store last nite without me. I came hm from Girls Smallgroup and it looked like he got some good stuff but then again he got the kids ice cream and a bunch of junk food. That I was not happy about. But I moved on and told him not to do that we are trying to live healthier lives. So I look to see that there is nothing to cook for dinner. There was tons of fruit and juice but no veggies. So I have to try to improvise with what we have so I decide to make a Veggie Soup totally Vegan. I would like to say with the time I had and the amount of food I had it turned about GREAT!! I am so proud of myself.

So we were suppose to have a family nite with my mom and Angela and watch a movie but my mom's friend called and took her out for her birthday dinner. So then Angela left too. Well we went ahead and watched Iron Man. Which was AMAZING!! We absolutely loved it. It was such a cool movie and Iron Man was so cool just ask my boys. Gabriel is going around and making the noises and keeps asking me if they can have a suit like that. Well during the movie Julia stopped by for something and she noticed a racoon by our back door digging in our trash can(which i never do b/c we have racoons but my mother did). Si James ran to get Gabriel's BeeBee Gun. He went out the garge door and turns out their were two. He finds them on the otherside of the pool. Now before people freak out that he shot the racoon we did it so they would leave it just stings them probably scares the crap out them too. But he shot them a couple of times. But it didn't work they keep coming back. Racoons scare me I don't want to be coming home and find them on the porch and attack on of my kids because they are HUGE seriously scary. Well hopefully they don't come back.

Anyways that was our nite full of good food, good movie and adventure. :) Well better go to bed so God Bless!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Painter I am

Well I had a good weekend even though it turned out way different then I planned. I had planned to go to the Alliance Airshow then get rid of kids and go on a date with my hubby maybe see a movie and sunday would be a day of rest. Well saturday was the TX vs OU game which James and me did forget. So he went to Josh's to watch it. He was gone from 10:30am to 4pm. I was so not happy with that. We had planned to spend a day as a family but no he had to watch football and then go play foorball with the guys. Well I had a wonderful quiet time with the Lord friday night that God quickly put me in my place to honor my Husband. So I was reminded of that quiet time when the anger started to build up and let me tell you people life can be so much better if we don't quick to anger and get offened. Let go of those offenses and bitterness. Anyways so I let it go and moved on. I had such a better day without it. So when he did get hm he wanted to make veggie sushi for me and him. IT WAS SO GOOD!!! So I dropped off the kids at his parents house then came home to sushi!!! It was a realxed night.

Well something God has put on my heart is to start painting again but I have no painting tools(they got thrown away while moving) or the time. So I decided to go buy supplies at Hobby Lobby. My husband is amazing to go with me to Hobby Lobby and help me pick out supplies for painting. Let me tell you I forgot how painting is an expenisve hobby but I had to start all over. :( So then we went to some other stores and then home. To top it off James let me watch Sense and Senseibilty that nite again. I also began to paint a picture. I will post it when I am finished with it. I just love art! I love flowers all kinds. If you want to get me a painting get me flowers or landscape. I want to paint landscapes. Lots of painters want to go to Paris, France to paint but I want to go to England and paint English Landscapes. This is how I was raised. We were always surrounded by things that were cultureal. As kids my parents took us to symphonies, museums, plays and ballets. As an adult I still love going to these events. I want to raise my children like I was, in this aspect atleast. I want my children to be raise with class and a love for cultureal things. As a matter of fact I can't wait to go to the King Tut Exhibit or The Nutcraker at the Bass Hall this year. Even thinking about these I am so excited.

Well anyways I once again went to bed late and somehow got up just in time to make it to elevate 10mins late. So sunday we chilled then I went to pick up the kids. Angela, Sarah, Me and the boys were going to go to the Omni to go see the Deep Sea. It was AMAZING!!! I loved it and so did the boys I highly remcommand it if you like documentaries. The film quailty was amazing to me. The boys got scared at some parts but it was such a good experience. Then we came home to find that the cowboys lost. Well I got to go get the boys to clean their room so God Bless!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well today went by pretty fast. We did school work then cleaned the house. I put Emma down for a nap and finished watching Sense and Sensibility. I cried at the end and I know how it ends. I felt so stupid but for some odd reason it was so romantic. Then I got on the computer to check emails and decided to write a blog.

So I was sitting here listening to Delirious and got really sad that they are done after 2008 is over. I have been a fan since I was 14yrs which was 11yrs ago. It really saddens me greatly. So I looked up when they would be coming to this side of the world and found out they were coming Nov 20, 21 and 22 to Houston TX. They are leading worship for a Joyce Meyers Conference at Lakwood church. So I asked James if we could go and he said we can try. So I think the plan is to drive down friday morning and drive back late saturday nite. I am so excited not only am I going to see them but they are leading worship not having a concert. Its going to be so awesome!!!! I think it would so cool if we could get a bunch a people to go that would so much fun. I think Angela is coming but I am not bringing any kids. So it will be a cool road trip. I so can't wait but something I really can't wait for is the cruise!!! 25 more days!!! Well I got to get ready for church and emma needs a bath real bad so hope you have a great nite and God bless!!!!

Here is what they wrote on their blog.

The End of an Era - press releaseJul 06 2008
We would like to address all our fans, our friends and people around the world who have faithfully supported Delirious?

After 14 albums, thousands of shows in front of millions of people, and many extraordinary memories, we have decided that at the end of 2009 we will take a break from recording and playing as a band.

Our decision was triggered by a request from Martin to be released from the band to pursue new projects including his work with CompassionArt and the desire to be at home more with Anna and his children. We have of course honoured this request and made a decision together that now is the time to end this chapter of our lives.

We will continue to play and be excited about our current tours and bookings but will not be adding many more over the coming 17 months..

We are all so deeply grateful to our incredible fans who have sung the songs and allowed Delirious? the privilege of providing the soundtrack to many lives over the years. From the school hall in Littlehampton to the stadiums of the world we have many stories to tell our children’s children. Delirious also would not be what it is without our amazing wives and families, and our gratitude to them is immense. We will now move forward to the next part of our lives where new challenges unfold and greater stories will be written.

We want to make it absolutely clear that although this decision has been extremely painful and difficult, we are still great friends and our respect for each other is unquestionable. We love playing in this band together and know that even though 2009 will bring an end to this current journey, there will be more adventures together in years to come.

We always used to say that we were ‘taking it wherever it goes’. The music ended up going further and deeper than we could ever have dreamed, yet we are now at a point where our creative futures will spread out and take on different journeys.

Thanks again for believing in us through all these years. We believe the best is yet to come.

Jon, Martin, Paul, Stu G and Tim

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Angela's Birthday

So today is Angela's birthday and she turned 23. She said she wanted Black Bean Burgars with gucamole for her birthday dinner. So we finally find it at walmart and let me tell you they were so GOOD!!! I could never have another beef burgar again it was that good. I had some gucamole, tomatos, lettuce with my balc bean burgar. It was so wonderful!!! We had cake after that for Angela's birthday. Then just chilled while she went to the gathering. We watched Dancing with the Stars then Presidential Debate. It was a nice nite but I am ready for bed. A day full of lots of laundry is tiring. :) So Good Nite and God Bless!!

Been married 8 years

So yeasterday marked 8yrs of marriage for James and me. He took the day off and surprised me. I didn't know where we were going. It was so sweet. We ended up eating then gettin Starbucks. We saw Danny and Zach. I thought it was cool because James is always coming home and saying he saw so and so and this time I was with him. I think James work is somewhat Fun. He is always seeing people and I like seeing people outside of church and my home. Anyways I could go shopping anywhere I wanted to and I wanted to go shopping but didn't want to do something I normally do. I decided to go to North Park its one of my favotite malls. We stopped at Papyrus got a card for angela and james got me a stationary. Oh plus paper for scrapbooking. :D He also got me some Burberry The Beat Perfume. We also stopped at an antique store which was cool. Then we headed hm and to go to Sam's then came hm and he watched the new BBC verion of Sense and Senseibilty. I really had such a WONDEFUL day with my wonderful husband. I can not believe we have been married 8yrs and before we know it it will be 10 yrs. I am so glad I am living my life with him. It is hard for me to be away from him more then a day I know its chessey but true. He is my best friend who I do everything with. I am so glad I am going to live the rest of my life with him. ITS GOING TO BE A BLAST!!!!

On another note we have 26 days til our family cruise!!! I am so happy and so are the boys. They realize how close we are til we leave. This will be our first family vacation with Ethan and Emma. Its going to be AWESOME!!!