Wednesday, March 4, 2009

April 19, 2006 - Wednesday 11:35 AM Settling IN!!!!

OK I haven't written a blog in awhile and now I am back. Just letting you guys know that the reason for me being gone is that I was moving. And now I am almost settled in. I still have some unpacking to do but the majority is done. So anyways I have still so much to do and so little time. Plus my kids were sick this past weekend and Gabriel's birthday was Monday. All we did was have a family gathering. Anyways I went shopping for the first time since Christmas and I had so much fun with Jessica Wattron and Bethany Anderson. We had a blast but I was tried the whole time. And now I have to take a shirt back but thats OK I get to look around again. Plus I have to go to Walmart and get James' contacts and Berna is coming over today YEAH!! You hear that Berna I am excited about you coming over. So I guess I better go get ready! BYE!!!!

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