Wednesday, March 4, 2009

May 18, 2006 - Thursday 9:17 AM - Girls Softball

Ok so last nite was the Girls Softball Draft and it was a long nite plus the mavs lost so sad but we got the next game to hand them their butt. Anyways this blog is about softball so like I was sayin the Girls Softball Draft was last nite and it started at 7pm and we got done around 10:45pm. So I am the red team of course and we are called the Phillies the jeresys are cooler then last year. They are actually softball jeresys and the material is breathable, nice and cool for summer. So this is who is on my team the Phillies:

Asst Coach is Sarah Kuglin

Rachel Braddy

Jesslyn Taylor

Maggie Reza

Mayra Reza

Raima Fazal Din

Sarah Novell

Maggie White

Triana Aquilar

Diana Garcia

Christina Reddish

Patrice Herring

Debbie Allen

And thats who is on my team so see ya Saturday May 20 at 10 am.


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