Wednesday, March 4, 2009

May 11, 2006 - Thursday 10:23 AM - Ranger Game

OK yesterday I went to a Rangers game with a high school friend Nici Sandberg. We at least hang out once a year and she is the one that always takes me to Ranger games. She is a huge Ranger fan and I am becoming a baseball fan plus a Ranger fan. My Dad was a Yankee fan so i just was a Yankee fan because he was. But I love going to Ranger games and my hubby was the one to take me to my first. Anyways I had a blast and she invited Angela too. It was so hot let me tell you being in that sun was almost unbearable. When we got home around 5pm we took a nap and I didn't wake up til like 6:30pm. That sun sure did drain our energy. Oh yeah I have never sat that close we were behind 3rd base and the ninth row they were awesome seats!!!!

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