Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ok I am sittin here listen to this awesome CD called Captured by Alberto and Kimberly Rivera. It is soakin music. It is so peaceful and fullfilling I can't describe it. I am totally just sittin here soakin his presence in. Let me ask you a question when was the last time you just sat in his presence. Not talkin to him just sittin or layin there doin nothin but think about him and then you just feel him and you just know he is holdin you. When was the last time that happend for me months and now I am doin it at home I thought it could only be done at ANHOP but no it is possible to be done at home and it is so much better because then your house is just filled with his presence. So whoever walks thru your doors will feel Gods presence and take it with them. That is why I want to do it at home because I want everyone to feel God like I do. I am truely happy in his presence. I hav a husband and kids and they could never make me happy like God my heavenly father can. Guys God is soooooo good. He is so faithfull with his word he says it and then he does it the time is not always what we want but he stills does it. WOW this blog turned out to be more then I planned it to be. I hope God is touchin you as you read this that HIS anointin will be imparted to you. Love you and I pray that you go deep in God. God Bless YOU!!!!!

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