Wednesday, March 4, 2009

April 24, 2006 - Monday 10:53 AM - Monday the begining of the week

Ok so today is Monday the beginning of the week and so far I am behind I have to do dish and laundry and tidy up the house. What am I doing writing a blog I am totally being lazy right now. Oh we also have Jr high small group I mean life group tonite. Oh yeah James finally got the washer and dryer put in so I get to do laundry at home and not at the laundry mat or my mom's house. YEAH!!!! Plus we got a All in one printer I am very excited about that. Oh by the way James and me leave for Mexico on Thursday with the church. I am kinda excited about it. James and me will have our own room, YEAH!!! Oh and since my sister Angela got laid off she might get to go too since she doesn't have a job anymore but the problem is that she was interviewed for another job and she might start while we are on the Mexico trip so hopefully she starts like May 8 so that she can go and get to have time off. Please pray that she can go I want her to and she never gets to go on mission trips because she is always working. Oh yeah I recommend the new Hillsong United CD it is AWESOME!!! I have listened to it nonstop. It really helps me to think only on God. I try listen to worship music all the time because it really helps me to think constantly of him and I pray more too. Well anyways I guess I will wrap this blog up and say Good bye til the next blog! Love Ya!!!!

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