Wednesday, March 4, 2009

June 7, 2006 - Wednesday 1:35 PM - update on my tooth ache

Ok so I went to the dentist and it bad they hav to either pull it or do a root canal. So as you know root canal are expensive especially when you don't hav insurance. So I decided to pull it plus it doesn't hurt as much. So she gave me a shot and then checked it to see if it was numb but it wasn't then she gave me another shot and checked it again and it still wasn't numb so she gave me a third shot and it still wasn't numb. So she said I hav an infection it it and I would hav to wait to pull it and so she gave me antibiotic and pain killers. So I hav to wait a week of pain to pull it out not fun at all. So if you see me and I look groggy you know why. I will probably be out of it for the next week. Ok got to go the boys want to go swimming bye.

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