Wednesday, March 4, 2009

January 19, 2006 - Thursday 10:36 PM - My boring yet GOOD Day

Ok so today i totally did my sister's laundry and i got paid to do it. oh yeah! So i watched tv almost all day long she has a DVR so i got to catch up on some of my shows but i didn't watch all of them so i am still behind. I got to watch the O.C. and this new show that i have been watchin called wildfire on abc family. It is about a family that has horses that race and tryin to hav a winning horse. I also got to watch surface. So that is what my day was like then i took my family out to dinner with my hardworkin money hehe. We went to cheddars. You hear that jennifer i got to go to cheddars finally. I been wantin to go there lately and so did. I also got to watch the office tonite which was so funny i love that show! So that is my boring day yet good day and that is all that matters!

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