Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 9, 2006 - Thursday 10:41 PM - Ok update on my life!

Ok I need to update on my life. So last week our renters moved out and broke our lease. Totally sucks! Then we finally got a key and went and looked at the place and it was trashed. Not happy about that ! So sunday we had some people over and some looked at how trashed it was. I told them that I was plannin on cleanin it up monday. So Gus said he would help since he had nothin better to do and he was off from lifewalk. So monday I picked him up and we cleaned it or me. James was there and him and Gus wanted to see what the attic looked like so Gus went up first and then James. So I was sweepin one of the rooms and then I heard a crash noise. I saw Gus' leg hangin from the ceilin. I laughed so hard then I heard him say "dude I straddled the wall." he fell thru my side of the house too. We live in a duplex. Then I stopped laughin but my side is fixed now. Then tuesday came along I painted one of the rooms and realized that I need more help. So James came home from hanging out at Brad's house and asked me if I wanted to move to a nicer house. I told him I'd pray about it. Then he told me that Brad wants to make this warehouse into like a college dorm for guys. Like a place to live and hang out at but also still be under authority. He thought of puttin a guy leader head of it, like a Dorm Leader but thought that it would be better if it was an older more mature man of God. Then he asked us to be like the Dorm Leaders and live in the house which is next to the building. I prayed about it and we are doin it. So far Brandon, Gus, and some others are goin to stay there. We will have rules and requirements and will interview them. They will have to pay rent but practically have everything provided Brad even told James I mite have to cook dinner sometimes but I am cool it is totally God. God takin James and me to a different place especially James. So if you know anyone who is a college aged guy and interested tell them to call Brad. So I have to fix up next door and be ready to move by like next weekend. So if anybody wants to help me with anything. You sure are welcomed to. I am havin people over to help me paint saturday so if you aren't doin anything come hav fun. I am providing lunch too. Ok I got to do some tax stuff.


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