Wednesday, March 4, 2009

February 21, 2006 - Tuesday 12:24 PM - Yesterday I was at the hospital

OK so yesterday was not a good day for me. i got up and took Gabriel to school then got home and got on the computer did the usual checked bank stuff and myspace. Ethan woke up and wanted breakfast. So I gave him a banana and I had two also. Then like 15 mins later my foot started to itch so i itch it then my arms then my face. i didn't itch my face because Gabriel had pink eye last week and i didn't want to touch my eyes in case that was what it was. then i felt my lips started to swell and the i couldn't breathe. now i have these allergy attacks now and then and they can be life treating because my throat starts to swell shut and my eyes swell shut too and when it starts to do that i take like 4 benadryl and it stops it. but this one was different my lips started to swell then my nose then my eyes i looked like will smith did on hitch so James got back from picking Gabriel from school and took me to the hospital and the doctor said it mite be bananas. he said that people can eat a certain food then your body all of the sudden can reject it and that is what my body did. so no more bananas for me sounds funny huh? i do love them but i have to live without them. and i feel crappy because i am on benadryl and it makes me feel sleepy all the time. so that was my day. guess i will go now Ethan is hungary. bye

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