Thursday, February 21, 2008

I was going to have a good nite sleep but then...

Well I went to bed early and then Emma Woke up crying. I am not sure why but she has been doing it more and more each night. I am really worried. She did have a fever earlier but I gave her children's advil and she seem fine at bed time. Now she is crawling around her room and playin with toys. Every once and awhile she will cry then want me to hold her. Then she will just hold me until she gets bored then goes and plays with her toys. The boys are playing in her room and she so wants to be part of the spaceship war. So she yells at them an it is so funny.

James parents came by tonite and brought the boys this pizza shaped like mickey mouse. Gabriel was so excited! While they were here they asked what houses were for sale around here. They want tobe close to their grandbabies. I hope they find something real close. I think it would be so cool if everybody live around me. If the whole neighborhood was people we know. I think it would be cool.

Well I think I am going to catch up on tv shows so Good Nite and God Bless!!!

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Bradleyshull said...

our house on may lane is for sale. Its a nice house and we just want what we paid for it. Tell them to call me.