Monday, February 18, 2008

My weekend and Today was a cleaning day!!!

So my weekend was so wonderful. First lets start with friday night we went to Jennifer Durham's wedding. It was beautiful, she was so beautiful, and it was just special to be there and part of that. I had alot of fun hanging out with people and eating Jerry's brisket. The cakes were so good plus chocolate covered strawberries.

I was also kid free and so were the Pratt's so we decided that we couldn't just go home we had to do something afterwards so we went to studio movie grill. We saw Over her Dead Body and it was seriously funny. I glad I got to see that movie I laughed so much.

After the movie I had to go get Emma because I forgot to pack more diapers so that sucked. I packed enough clothes but no diapers I was so mad at myself. But when we picked her up I was glad we did. She was such a sweet girl. I love her so much!!!

So our saturday was so awesome too. We watched movies all day. I got James Seven Brides for Seven brothers thats his favorite movie and I got Unsinkable Molly Brown and then we topped it off wth West side story. It was a musical day for us. I love my hubby. He watches musicals with me most of them atleast but what hubby would do that.

We were going to take the kids to a movie that night but we were to late on the decision. We were going to go see Pirates that don't do anything. But it was only showin at three theater in dallas and the closest one was GP 16 and we missed the showtime. But we still had fun sith them we watched a Veggie Tale movie and hang out with them.

Sunday I was so tried Emma has been fussy every night when we go to bed but I am used to it now but satruday nite she was waking up alot plus we went to bed at 1am and then I had to wake up at 8am. So I was exhausted at church but it was so good and I am so glad we went. Emma did good in the nursery too. Well atleast for alittle while. Then we went hoem adn chilled then for dinner we went to the fuller's and watch the American Gladiator Finals. It was fun to watch. I have FUN at the Fuller's everytime and so do the kids. Plus the food we eat there is so good. The Fuller's know how to cook.

Well I just like to say last that I haven't been able to clean for like four days and it pilled up and I get overwhelemed and then just don't do. So I decided I was going to do it today. I did do I deep cleaned house, organized my bathroom, closet and my room most of all!!! Well my friend Joy Reddish does surveys and got a roomba so she brought it over to help me clean my floors and help me dust. And let me tell you that IT WORKS!!!! I am so buying one whenever I save up the money. I love it I was dusting my house while it was cleaning my floors. Every house wife should get one they are sooo amazing!!! Seriously guys I am in love with it. It did my room under my bed. It cleaned my living room floor including my area rug. I didn't have to do anything. Joy had to empty it out and charge it but it was so wonderful not having to sweep and vaccum my floors. Plus I havn't vaccum since before Sky Ranch because my vaccun broke so that was even better. I am so excited about my day I was so productive we even did some scrapbooking today!!!

Well I better go to bed so I can get laundry done tomorrow. Good Nite and God Bless!!!

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