Thursday, February 21, 2008

1829 last nite.....

Was good atleast for me. We got there at 645 which is awesome we are always late. We also got to make it to the leaders meeting so that is always a good thing. Then church started I got to see Cheslie and she just makes me happy. She is sooo funny! I also got to see Toni and I was so glad to see her back. There were alot of youth there, I wonder how many. Well Austin lead worship and it was good. I had to miss half of it because I was puttin Emma in the nursery. I have to sit with her then sneak out. Well she had to stay in there no matter what because I was doing the Popcorn at the Concession stand after the service. But then Leah came to me and told me that she was not happy and screaming so James had to go get her. Well on of that the first batch of popcorn that I made I burnt it.

Well then I forgot about the mexico meeting after the service and Josh said I needed to be there. So I went and let me tell you I am soo excited about it. I miss those people and I love going down there and loving on them. They are awesome people they are family to me. I am takin Emma one thing is that she couldn't go a whole week without me and when I called them they said I better bring the new addition, which is Emma. Anyways I am so excited about seeing my mexico family. God is going to do awesome things for them. Just a little testimony of one of the trips we went on in May of 2006. Well the leadership was praying over us before we left and one of their elders prophesized over James & Me that we would get a house. Well we got back a there was a house for us we closed on it July 2006. It wasn't even two months and it came true. Another testimony was that James prophesized over one of the leaders that he would get a house but not just a house a big house. Annie our contact message me saying one week ago this man got a house and a big one so he can't wait to see what God has for him this year. They have such an expectation when we come they just know God is going to speak to them thru us. Its very humbling for me they go to church knowing that weGod is going to speak to them thru us. It has humble me so many times. I am truly blessed to see these people blessed by God. I so can't wait to go!!!

Well I went back to concessions and did popcorn again and burnt it a second time but Elisabeth showed me how to do it and I didn't burn it again. That popcorn machine is so cool I want one its so classic. Well Emma has a stinky diaper so got to go change her. God Bless your day!!!

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