Thursday, February 28, 2008

God amazes ME!!!

Well I totally forgot to write a blog yesterday and now I have to write more. I so don't feel like typing. Well lets see oh yeah I went shopping yesterday with Alecia and Joy Reddish. We went scrapbook shopping at Hobby Lobby and man let me tell you they have so much stuff there I was overwhelemed. I got some cute stuff on sale but didn't find the paper that I wanted.

Well I was walking around and find the Painting aisle. If you don't know I absoulutly love acrylic painting have done it since I was in the third grade. Its just when I became a mommy I never had time. Well over the past year God has been speaking to me to pick it up again. Well when I moved here from nw18th st I left some stuff there and well it got thrown away. It was my painting supplies and I have had some of that stuff since I was in third grade. Some other stuff got thrown away like "Love Letters" from my hubby when we were dating. I have had a hard time with those things oh well just materials. Well thats another reason I havn't painted in a while. So I knew I am just going to have to buy a little at a time to build it back up. So I started by buying a painting tablet. Well my wonderful friend Joy bought me paint brushes and paint. I was so excited you have no idea. It blessed me so much. I have even started a painting already. I only have four colors of acrylic but I have two of the basic colors I just need red and white and I am good for now. I am so excited where God is taking me in painting.

Well Joy, Thomas, Me and the kids walked about a little over a mile yesterday. It felt good to excercise.

1829 was so good too. I just felt so much of his love last nite. He just amazes me on how much he loves us. I am also so excited about Mexico Mission Trip.

Well today I got satelite and let me tell you that the boys were so overwhelemed with all the cartoons. It was so cute!!! I watched movies all day and sat on my bed and folded laundry. I am almost caught up on laundry. I got so much laundry done I am proud of myself, now the house on the other hand is a mess but I will do it tomorrow.

Shabbat is tomorrow and I am so ready to chill with my hubby. Well I am tired so good nite and God bless!!!

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