Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Productive Day!!!

Well last night went so well with Emma she went to sleep at 1045 then woke up at 430am. Which is ok because before tonite she was wake up every hour then staying awake for an hour.

Today was so productive for me. I went grocery shopping and that went well with my kids. I told the boys to get dressed and put on their shoes. Well Ethan hates shoes he rather wear flip flops so he put those on. I told him it was to cold and then he whined and went to his room. He then comes out of his room wearing sandels and tells me that they cover more of his feet then the flip flops. So I agreed and let him wasn't worth fighting over. So I took a picture of how greeky he looked wearing a jacket and pants then sandels it made me laugh!!

Then we cleaned the house. Well Ethan made this agreement with me if I help him clean his room he would help me clean the house. So I agreed and help them clean their room then they helped me clean the house. Well while cleaning my room Emma decided to get into a ball of yarn and looked so cute.

So Gabriel wanted fajitas for dinner so I was going to buy the precooked package. Well there wasn't anything in it and it was $5.99 for like half a pound so we decided to go to the mexican place to get it cheaper and more. Dinner was so good the fajitas meat was so tender!!!

Oh pray for Emma she has diarrhea and she got a diaper rash from it. So I hope she sleeps thru the night. Well I better go to bed, Good Nite and God Bless!!!!

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