Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Random thoughts from me!!!

Ok so today was an pretty good day. I got to clean alittle and pick up the boys room too. Emma even sleep in her bed for a nap. She only wants to sleep in our bed period adn I am ok with that except she can fall off my bed when she wakes up.

Gabriel is gettin better with his math schoolwork. Ethan is ettin bettter at writting his name. For those who don't know I homeschool my two older boys. I like it its ok but I just need to figure out a better way. Something that will make school fun. Maybe when it gets warmer we can go to the park and do it but we will see.

I am tryin got get Emma to learn to walk atleast one step on her own but she just scared becuase she falls on her face but at the same time she wants to walk and run after her brothers. She lovces her brothers so much. I am afraid that she will be a tomboy. I got to let her be herself even if she is a tomboy.

Gabriel and Ethan have been saying these bad words lately and I am having to get on to them alot. I will soon have to spank them because the first time is a warning. Sometimes they don't know if they are bad words because they hear them on TV. Thats another thing I don't want to be an over protect mom but I just don't want them to watch anything and everything. Another thing to figure out.

We are waiting on my hubby to get home so we can go get dinner then to 1829. Well got to go change Emma diaper so farewell and God Bless!!!

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Sarah said...

so. what are the boys saying that re bad words?
Stuff we all say?

anyways... ou need to get more adds put up here.. so that when they get make money :)

love ya!