Sunday, February 24, 2008

I have so much fun hanging out with people!!!

Well Saturday we had Challah French Toast and it was so good. We stayed until noon I think then we home and took a nap. James had to work for a little bit so we sleep then we got ready because my mother in law texted me saying that she wants to keep all three kids so I get them all ready. Since we had no kids James wanted to go out to eat. Well we already had dinner plans with Sarah then we invited Elisabeth. When we went to pick up Elisabeth my sister called and wanted to go too. So there were four girls and then James. But we had so much fun. We went to Carrabba's my favorite place. Then we went home to watch Liscense to Wed which was funny. Then my brother Benjamin came in town and stayed with us so we hung out with them too. Sarah and Elisabeth left at midnight then we hung out with Ben and Sandie til 2am.

We were so tired this morning but we woke up and got to church early which was awesome. We are never on time. Church was so good the worship was so old school I loved it. We had to leave early because I had to get ready for the Wedding Shower.

Jennifer's Wedding Shower was yesterday. It was a good turn out and it was FUN!!! We had some good finger food like fondue chocolate for the fruit and pound cake. But I will say one thing I am so tired. Leah and Courtney Fuller stayed the evening and we hung out and talked. They are so much fun to hang out with!!

So last nite I stopped cold turkey nursing Emma and she woke up off and on all nite until 3am. Around 4am James woke me up because I fell asleep in her room and he aske me to come back to bed with him. He had a bad dream and asked me to pray for him thenn we talked til 515am. Then he woke me up around 7am because he couldn't find his other boot. Well he woke up the kids searching for it and so I was up til like 9am finally got to take a nap. Then Gabriel woke up Emma 30mins later I got her back to sleep then took another nap. I am still tired and didn't get anything done except for the boys school work.

Well I have exciting news for me. If you know us we don't have cable. Well I have asked for it for over a year. This Direct Tv guy came to the door today and offered us a deal we couldn't refuse. So I get satellite on thursday morning. I am soo excited!!! Well going to watch a movie with my family Good Nite and God Bless!!!

Here are pics from the shower....

The End

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Sarah said...

bummed i missed hangin with the fullers... but... when i got home, I fell asleep & woke up almost 4 hours later..... :) I KNEW i was tired. Dang!

YEAH!! for satalite!!!! What kind of deal you get? I wonder if I can get a deal at my house too.... but. then again.. Maybe i shouldnt, since i dont know how much longer i am gonna be there.. I dont wanna have to sign a long contract.....

anyways.... i might swing by tonight. dunno.. I DO know I gotta go grocery shopping..... so... until later. lvoe ya