Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day is Special to me!!!

Ok so my day was wonderful first we will start with waking up was so sweet. It was Emma's kisses on my face. Then we cleaned up got ready and went grocery shopping for our Valentine's dinner that I was going to make. Plus I was going to make a little party for the boys since they are homeschooled. I went shopping with all my kids and they did fine the first 15 mins then Ethan started to whine and grip. So I tried to hurry well I forgot my recipe for chicken marsala adn didn't know what all to get so that was fun trying to remember what all to get. But I did good I got everything right.

So I decided to take them to dollar tree to pick something out for v-day and buy some decorations for our little party, so that was fun. Then we headed home because we had not had lunch yet. Ate sandwiches and then put up groceries. Well then my mother told me that danny wants us to go to Babe's Chicken in Burleson with them. They have been tryin to get us to go there forever so we said yes it wasn't like we were going to have such an romatic evening so we went.

James called me before he got home and said he didn't have time to get me anything for v-day and said he was sorry. Well this year I actually got him something it was three dvds that he has been wanting so it was a pretty good gift. Now let me explain that V-day is important to me not becuase its V-day but we went on our first date on V-day in 1999. So its special day for us or atleast me. So when we don't celebrate it in some kind of way it makes me sad. Its just something that was sooo incredibly special. Anyways so he gets home early and comes in the door with a balloon, a box of chocolate candy, a teddy and two bouquets of flowers. I knew one was for my mom he always does that he even got Angela flowers. I was so happy when he walked in the door. He bought me glittery flowers and they look so pretty under lights.

Well then off to Babe's Chicken and my mother was preparing us that it was a long drive and we would probably have to wait long to. But I knew what it meant to them for us to go with them so we went. It took us an hour and 15mins to get there and let me tell you it was such amazing food. Its all you can eat veggies and the fried chicken there is sooooo GOOD!!! I ate so much I am sick but I am so glad we went. It only took us 30 mins to get home we went a different way, no traffic plus we had to stop because Gabriel had to go number 2 real bad it was funny. No worries he made it ok. So now I am wide awake with a super full belly and hoping I sleep well. Well Good nite God Bless!!! Here are pics......

Our Valentine's Party

I just got my gifts

The Drive

Babe's Chicken

The End

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