Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My day just went by to fast!!!

Man did my day go by so fast. I woke up early to clean and get ready for Scrap Space. Before I knew it was 330pm. Well Joy, Sarah, Jennifer and Marian came to Scrap Space and we didn't scrapbooked at all. I think Joy did a little but we mainly sat around and talked. I really need to do some pages because I have so many pictures. Well it was nice just to talk to adults. It was just so much Fun sitting around and talking to friends. I love hanging out with people especially when they are your friends. I am really happy we do this twice a month. Alecia didn't get to come because she was watching Chandler Sistrunk and he had a little pink eye. She was definitely missed.

One thing I realized was that when Emma gets older she will have so many friends. This is definitely a good time to have kids. I thought about it I do want one more kid but not sure when I want to start trying. I really want a sister for Emma but if she gets another brother then thats ok. I am just going to have to try real hard to teach her to be a lady. She already is so rough with other kids. Well I guess I will just have to discipline her more.

So I told myself that I need to take more pictures of life and not so many of just Emma but I always forget. Like I meant to do it today of Scrap Space but forgot. I wanted to have some pics of the friends that I have. I guess next time I will try to remember again.

Emma has cut in her top two teeth and she has very much showed it in her fussiness this week. She has woren me out with the holding constantly or the crying to be held. Even right now she is screaming at me to pick her up. Its not a crying just screaming and to me its kinda of funny. Ok now she is happy she has her bottle.

Well tonite is 1829 and I have a headache and I just want a nap. Well God Bless your nite!!!

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Pipers Mom said...

I will definately do my makeup next time then if you are going to take pictures. :)