Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I am so happy!!!!

Well I found out today that Jason Kidd is a Maverick now. He is my favorite player and now he is on my favorite team!!! :) I am not a big sports fan but I have been a Maverick fan since I was little. My dad loved him too. I remember watching games all the time. So for him to be back on the Mavericks is sooo cool. I think I will actually make an effort to watch them now. I hope he takes us to win the Championship but I am not getting my hopes up. This is very exciting to me.

Well I got two things done on my list and now I have two more things. They are not small ones either its laundry and dishes. :(

Emma has had this stuffy nose since Sky Ranch and its getting worse. I can hear it in her cough now. On top of that she is teething and is not happy. She is getting in her top ones I can see them but not sure how long it will take for them to come in. Well got to put Emma down for a nap. God Bless!!! :)

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JT's said...

hi friend... just wanted to drop in and say hi! lovely blog :)