Monday, July 14, 2008

What a Nice Day!!!

Well today has been such a slow and boring day but I like it. I get to unwind from the weekend. Believe me I had a stressful weekend. I taught in Elevate sunday morning and I was so nervous. I had been reading the lesson for a week and didn't have anything as of saturday night at 10pm. I was so stressed and nervous but sunday morning went good. I did far better then I did in mexico. I can honestly sayin I would do it again but only in Elevate. :)

Well tonite is softball and James team is 4-0 and if you don't go to the softball games you should come cheer for James. Last week's game was so intense they played the other undefeated team and WON. It was a really good game. Well like I said if you have nothing to do then come on out and cheer for James he plays at 7pm.

Well I better go find his jersey and stuff so God Bless!!!

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