Thursday, July 17, 2008

Finding th Constant

I was layin in bed reading Captivating I am really tryin to finish the book so I can read my next book. Well my mom brought this book to me with poems and it really comforted me. Just gave me this assurance in him. I wanted to share it with ya'll.

"YOU are ever in My care. My child. As the entire universe is kept in motion by My sovereign power, so I guide the destines of your life, and it is by My hand that the course of the nature is controlled. I do not overrule you free will, but as you yield your will to Me, I guard you from actions that would work contrary to My purposes. You can walk confidently into each day with assurance of My protection and provision. Your heart can be at peace in the wildest storm. For he whose treasure lies in heaven fears no loss. Remember where you treasure is and the earthly things will lose their power to touch your peace. I am you peace. I am you security. I am your support.

Fears rise out of selfish desires. He who desires only to please Me frees his soul from worldly cares. He is content to receive whatever good may come, and he can release whatever he possesses and feel no loss. In every experience, either receiving or giving, he feels neither richer nor poorer. He has found a CONSTANT. Christ is his all in all. All else comes and goes as clouds moving across the sky. He sees the change, but its not disturbed by the action. So is every man who counts not his life dear unto himself. Such is he who has made heaven his home and the eternal God his refuge; for he abides in the secret place of the Most High, and his life is hid with Christ in God." Make Haste My Beloved by Frances J. Roberts

I hope it Blessed you. God Bless You!!!

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