Monday, October 13, 2008

A Painter I am

Well I had a good weekend even though it turned out way different then I planned. I had planned to go to the Alliance Airshow then get rid of kids and go on a date with my hubby maybe see a movie and sunday would be a day of rest. Well saturday was the TX vs OU game which James and me did forget. So he went to Josh's to watch it. He was gone from 10:30am to 4pm. I was so not happy with that. We had planned to spend a day as a family but no he had to watch football and then go play foorball with the guys. Well I had a wonderful quiet time with the Lord friday night that God quickly put me in my place to honor my Husband. So I was reminded of that quiet time when the anger started to build up and let me tell you people life can be so much better if we don't quick to anger and get offened. Let go of those offenses and bitterness. Anyways so I let it go and moved on. I had such a better day without it. So when he did get hm he wanted to make veggie sushi for me and him. IT WAS SO GOOD!!! So I dropped off the kids at his parents house then came home to sushi!!! It was a realxed night.

Well something God has put on my heart is to start painting again but I have no painting tools(they got thrown away while moving) or the time. So I decided to go buy supplies at Hobby Lobby. My husband is amazing to go with me to Hobby Lobby and help me pick out supplies for painting. Let me tell you I forgot how painting is an expenisve hobby but I had to start all over. :( So then we went to some other stores and then home. To top it off James let me watch Sense and Senseibilty that nite again. I also began to paint a picture. I will post it when I am finished with it. I just love art! I love flowers all kinds. If you want to get me a painting get me flowers or landscape. I want to paint landscapes. Lots of painters want to go to Paris, France to paint but I want to go to England and paint English Landscapes. This is how I was raised. We were always surrounded by things that were cultureal. As kids my parents took us to symphonies, museums, plays and ballets. As an adult I still love going to these events. I want to raise my children like I was, in this aspect atleast. I want my children to be raise with class and a love for cultureal things. As a matter of fact I can't wait to go to the King Tut Exhibit or The Nutcraker at the Bass Hall this year. Even thinking about these I am so excited.

Well anyways I once again went to bed late and somehow got up just in time to make it to elevate 10mins late. So sunday we chilled then I went to pick up the kids. Angela, Sarah, Me and the boys were going to go to the Omni to go see the Deep Sea. It was AMAZING!!! I loved it and so did the boys I highly remcommand it if you like documentaries. The film quailty was amazing to me. The boys got scared at some parts but it was such a good experience. Then we came home to find that the cowboys lost. Well I got to go get the boys to clean their room so God Bless!!!


Katie Leckie: said...

Its good you got back into a hobby that you enjoy so much. I love the new layout!!

Alecia said...

I can't wait to see some of your work! You are superwoman! Wife, mommy, babysitter, school teacher and painter!