Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Very Nice Nite

So I just wanted to write about my nite. Well I would just like to say that today went by way to fast. Then came time to make dinner. Well I look in the refrigator and find nothing to make. You see I sent my hubby to the grocery store last nite without me. I came hm from Girls Smallgroup and it looked like he got some good stuff but then again he got the kids ice cream and a bunch of junk food. That I was not happy about. But I moved on and told him not to do that we are trying to live healthier lives. So I look to see that there is nothing to cook for dinner. There was tons of fruit and juice but no veggies. So I have to try to improvise with what we have so I decide to make a Veggie Soup totally Vegan. I would like to say with the time I had and the amount of food I had it turned about GREAT!! I am so proud of myself.

So we were suppose to have a family nite with my mom and Angela and watch a movie but my mom's friend called and took her out for her birthday dinner. So then Angela left too. Well we went ahead and watched Iron Man. Which was AMAZING!! We absolutely loved it. It was such a cool movie and Iron Man was so cool just ask my boys. Gabriel is going around and making the noises and keeps asking me if they can have a suit like that. Well during the movie Julia stopped by for something and she noticed a racoon by our back door digging in our trash can(which i never do b/c we have racoons but my mother did). Si James ran to get Gabriel's BeeBee Gun. He went out the garge door and turns out their were two. He finds them on the otherside of the pool. Now before people freak out that he shot the racoon we did it so they would leave it just stings them probably scares the crap out them too. But he shot them a couple of times. But it didn't work they keep coming back. Racoons scare me I don't want to be coming home and find them on the porch and attack on of my kids because they are HUGE seriously scary. Well hopefully they don't come back.

Anyways that was our nite full of good food, good movie and adventure. :) Well better go to bed so God Bless!!!

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