Thursday, October 16, 2008

God Gave Me A Desire Of My Heart

So today I got alot of things done that I have needed to get done. I feel pretty accomplished.

So while making lunch for the kids James came home for lunch. He ran in and said he was going to get me something then ran out and took a box. Well when he did fianlly come back he put the box on the table. Ok for our anniversary we went shopping we went to this antique store and I showed him all the things I have always wanted since I was a little girl. Anyways back to the story He pulled out these old figures that our neighbor was trying to sell us when we moved in two years ago. Then he pulled out brass candlestick holders (one of the things James was looking to buy at the antique store). Then the big surprise was he pulled out a box and asked me to open it. It was a real Silver Silverware set. I have been wanting one since I was a little girl. I was so HAPPY!! I even cried alittle, I was filled with so much JOY!!! I was happy my hubby got it for me but most of all I knew it was by God that our neighbor had a garge sale and was selling it. I just felt so loved by my heavenly father. He had given me a desire of my heart. Even now I am so filled JOY!!!

So I looked up online to see how old it was and it was made in 1938. It is the Holmes & Edwards Danish Princess Silverware Set and I can get replacements. I am really excited!!! I'll post a picture when its cleaned.

Now I have two other things that I have always wanted its a Silver Tea Set and a Silver comb, brush and mirror set.

Well I got to go make dinner so Good Nite and God Bless!!!

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Lolly said...

Very cool! Yay, James and Yay God!