Thursday, May 8, 2008


Ok so just wanted to let everyone know that God is AWESOME!!!

Well James' Dad had a heart attack this afternoon. He was in surgery when we got to the hospital. They went in and checked his arteries for blockage and they were as the doctor said "Clean as a whistle." But they have no idea what caused the heart attack so be praying for quick recovery and healing from whatever it is.

Can I just say we prepared for the worst. It was almost a replay of when my dad died and it was so hard for me not to freak out but I stayed clam for my husband just like he did for me. I am so glad God was merciful and allowed him to be healed. PTL!!!

I would also like to ask for pray I am just so exhausted and I need to be refreshed. When this happen today I just didn't have any strength to endure any more. I am emotional tired and phyiscally tired so keep me in your prayers too.

So please be praying!!! Love Ya and God Bless!!!

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