Monday, March 3, 2008

Snow Day tomorrow, Please God!?!?

So Sunday we woke up late it was 930am and I usually get up at 8am. I was holding Emma because she woke up crying at 730am and I fell asleep then realized that is was late. Well we got to church late around 1030am. So Pastor Gary wrote a worship song and it was Irish kind of song and I loved it. It was so perfect for us since you know we went to the Irish Festival I was having such a blast with it. I really wish we had some real Irish Dancers up there. I love to watch Irish dancing especailly when the little girls do it. I use to want to do it when I was little.

Well after church we ate lunch then home to chill. Well Jodie asked if James could install a window unit for her so James, Sarah and me went over there around 4pm. I had fun hanging out with Durham girls and Steven, it was a wonderful visit. Still waiting for Alisa to have her baby. Then we had Ponchos for dinner I haven't had Ponchos since I was little, well atleast ate at Ponchos. So Sunday was an a good day.

Today was kinda slow for me. I didn't want to do anything but had to clean my house. Luckily I didn't have to clean to much just the kids room and the kitchen. We had Jr high smallgroup tonite and had three kids show up we played Catch Pharase. I had fun but I was so tired for some odd reason. Then Nathan was leaving and saw that it was snowing. Now I am hoping that it stays until the morning so we can go play in it. The boys were so excited that it was snowing I really hope before the spring comes that it snow real good one day. Just so my kids can have a snow day and so we can have more memories. Anyways I am tired but I told the boys I would watch a movie with them. Well Good Nite and God Bless!! Oh lets all pray that it snows a lot tomorrow just so we get one snow day.

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