Saturday, March 1, 2008

Irish Festival

We had so much fun at the Irish Festival. We were there for about three hours. There was so much going on and so many vendors. There was so may men wearing kilts and I love it. The Irish love their dogs too. There were so many dogs everywhere. I love to see the Irish Wolfhound. It is a dog that is huge!!! The boys were so not comfortable being around so many dogs. Well James is so proud of his heritage, years back we got his coat of arms. Well he knows so much about where they came from. Well he wanted to get a new coat of arms picture. As we were walkiing out their was this sword vendor oh course my husband has to look. If you know him he loves Braveheart and wants a sword like that, well he got two swords. Then we passed by the Heritage Crests where you can get your family history. So he bought his coat of arms and on it is his family history. Well we were getting tired so we ate some more food then left by then it was 645. So we dropped off his parents then headed home. So then we wanted to frame them so we went to Garden Ridge. Then came home now we are watching Braveheart and about to go to bed because I am so tired from walking. Here are pics from today....

On the way Gabriel blew his first Bubble Gum Bubble

A Great Dane

Irish Wolfhound

This is how big they get this guy is 6'1"

Some of the men I saw wearing kilts

His Coat Of Arms and History

Well Good Nite and God Bless!!!

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